Commercial Design Office Update

Sharon Mesiti Commercial Design 4I was happy to get a call from a past interior design client who needed help updating the conference room in their business office. They own a company called The Ogden Group that sells high end, wood working machinery. These machines are quite expensive and are sold to a very specific clientele.

Most of the presenting and selling is done in their conference room and it was feeling a bit outdated and uninspiring. We put in new wood floors, painted the walls a warm gray and upgraded the office furniture. But perhaps the biggest impact of this redesign was the photo gallery wall. Can machines be sexy? In this case, absolutely!

Sharon Mesiti Commercial Design 2

Clients come from all over the world to purchase these valuable machines and what better way to present them than to devote a wall of enlarged glossy photos of the machines displayed in acrylic, high tech frame-less mounting.

The result was quite impressive:Sharon Mesiti Commercial Design 1

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