Creating A Family Fun Room

I recently finished a fun project helping a client redo their family game room. We started with a blank space except for a pool table. The design plan included adding a bar, stools, TV, window treatments, and artwork. These clients are empty nesters and the purpose of this room was to have a fun space for the whole family to hang out when the grown kids came over. When we started discussing artwork the homeowners really wanted to incorporate a painting they had of the family’s sailboat which they had spent a lot of time on and had wonderful memories. I loved the painting and the sentiment, the only problem was the watercolor was only and 8×10 and I really wanted it to be more of a feature in this So I took a digital photo of the painting and had it blown up on and put on a large piece of canvas. It came out wonderful and looks great next to an old photo of the family on the boat. Now it is not only a beautiful focal point in the room, but a piece of art that brings back a lot of fond memories.


I felt the space needed some additional seating and right away the homeowner thought of a handmade bench she had seen made by a local Charlotte artist. It is beautiful and works perfectly under another piece of art we chose for the room.


The room came together nicely and was a fun project to work on. Do you have a room in your home that you would like to turn into a fun family space? I’d love to help!

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