Small Change, Big Impact

After completing an interior design project on a condo redesign, I got a call from the client who wanted to add one more thing to one of the rooms. Sometimes in interior design this happens-you don’t know that a space is completely finished until you live in it a while. In this case we had finished up the family room but the corner to the left of the French doors seemed empty.

glass shelves1

At first glance it seems like a small area like this wouldn’t get much attention, but the truth is this little corner is the first thing you see when you enter the condo. When the home owner called me to discuss some ideas for this nook, she said she had some beautiful pottery that was not displayed and wondered if the pieces would work here. I came up with these glass shelves and searched all over for just the right brackets not only to secure them, but also to be aesthetically pleasing so it looks like the shelves are floating. After the installation we stood back to look and knew this was the perfect detail to finish the room.


This was a wonderful couple to work with. The funny thing was we didn’t tell the husband about this final little project and when he came home later that day it was the first thing he noticed! He didn’t feel anything was necessarily missing from the room but upon entering the condo he saw how beautiful that space was immediately and was thrilled with the surprise.

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