What You Need to Know About Hanging Drapes

54c492484f2cb_-_hbx-blue-white-window-treatments-0713-lgnI read this article in House Beautiful Magazine about common mistakes people make when hanging drapes and wanted to expand on one of their points ( you can read the full article here).

In my years of doing custom window treatments for clients the biggest mistakes people is→ hanging the drapery rod too low! 

Drapes can make a very important impact on a room. When you hang the rod high near the ceiling it gives the illusion the room is much bigger than it actually is and creates more drama. I think some people are afraid of this because of the “naked” wall space that exists between the window and rod. In most cases it is not an issue because once the drapes are hung properly it all comes together. In those cases, particularly in a small room where emphasizing the height of the space is crucial and the gap is significant, there are tricks we can do like in the treatment below.



Here we took the rod all the way up to the crown molding to emphasis the height of the room and create an overall beautiful effect. In this case there is a significant amount of wall space between the window and ceiling so to soften this….



Add a roman shade to hide the gap between the window and rod.

Add a roman shade to hide the gap between the window and rod.

We added roman shade pulling out the gorgeous navy blue in the pattern of the drapery fabric. The finished look is beautiful and dramatic and adds so much warmth to the space.


Are you having trouble with hanging drapes in your home? Is it time to update some of those window treatments? If so we’d love to help! For the month of May we are giving a Complementary 1 hr Design Consultation when placing a complete bedding order or window treatment order. Call our office to get started, 704-563-2926.


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